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Mouthwatering Louisiana Crawfish & Blue Crabs

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Happy Land Nashville Crawfish & Seafood Company
Nashville Crawfish & Seafood Company

Louisiana Seafood Company works hard to bring only the BEST live, fresh, and boiled crawfish to Murfreesboro, Nashville, and surroundings.

Weekly during crawfish season, we send one our experienced crew members and a truck down to Louisiana to hand-pick the best seafood and crawfish available. A constant supply of fresh quality products and our renowned quality, experience, and attention to detail set us apart from the competition.

If you are seeking some of the best boiled crawfish in the country, stop on by and visit Louisiana Seafood Company at one of our locations.

Armed Forces

One of our owner's and some of our core staff members proudly served in Iraq and Afghanistan with the US Army & US Marine Corps. We support ALL branches of military and our fellow soldiers past, present and future. Please present your military ID when ordering so we can pass along a military discount as our way of saying, "Thank You".

"To my Brothers and Sisters in arms, thank you for all you have done and continue to do to protect our families, friends and country. Let us always remember those who served and NEVER forget those who did not come home. I once read this on tee shirt of all places, but it rings true. "If they stand behind you, protect them. If they stand beside you, respect them. If they stand against you, destroy them." Uniform or not, these are words to live by. God bless. "

Mark Pflanzer