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Original Louisiana Seafood Quality

Louisiana Seafood Company works hard to bring only the BEST live, fresh, and boiled crawfish to Murfreesboro, Nashville, and surroundings.


Weekly during crawfish season, we send one our experienced crew members and a truck down to Louisiana to hand-pick the best seafood and crawfish available. A constant supply of fresh quality products and our renowned quality, experience, and attention to detail set us apart from the competition.

If you are seeking some of the best boiled crawfish in the country, stop on by and visit Louisiana Seafood Company at one of our locations.



Guide to Picking the Best Crawfish for Purchase

Louisiana Seafood Company takes great pride in providing Nashville with the best crawfish around. We personally hand-select and transport all of our crawfish directly from the farms of south Louisiana to Nashville, TN. Every week, we head down to the coast to bring Nashville the best Louisiana has to offer.

Here are a few things to take into consideration while you plan your boil.

Cheaper is Not Always Better

When it comes to purchasing live Louisiana crawfish 700 miles from the source, there are a few things you should know. Although there are many suppliers that can provide you with live crawfish locally or via air cargo, they are not equal. Most suppliers will ship peeler or field-run crawfish. These are the smallest crawfish from that day’s harvest.

Know What Day Your Crawfish Were Harvested

If stored correctly, a Louisiana crawfish can live up to 4 days out of the water. If you are planning a boil on Saturday or Sunday, ask your supplier what day his crawfish were harvested. If they are any older than Thursday’s catch, there will be a lot of dead crawfish. Also, ask your supplier how he is storing them, or better yet, look for yourself if at all possible. The live crawfish should be in a cool, damp, dark place.

Storage and Transportation

The best way to transport your live crawfish from Louisiana Seafood Company will be in a large ice chest. Make sure to bring bag of ice and damp towel, and we will pack them up for you! We suggest that you allow us to hold your live crawfish in our specialized storage trucks and pick them up at the last moment possible.

Louisiana Red Swamp Crawfish vs. White River Crawfish

RedSwamp-vs-River-crawfishAlthough both are found in Louisiana, you should only buy red swamp crawfish. When you pick up your crawfish, take a quick look at what’s in the sack. If you see a lot of crawfish with white legs, you should think twice before purchasing. It is impossible to completely separate them so a few are OK; you just don’t want all of them to be river crawfish. They are very gritty and have an off-putting taste.