Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to better serve our new and existing customers.

If you don’t see answers to one of your questions.. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

When does crawfish season begin?

Our crawfish season typically kicks off at the beginning of February and runs through early to late July depending on the weather and harvest in Louisiana

How long does the crawfish season last?

The season is greatly dependent on the weather. When the weather in the bayou turns hot, the crawfish head back under ground. Crawfish thrive in a mild to moderately hot climate. The typical Louisiana season begins in November and runs until early July. We have always been able to get crawfish through July 4th weekend. After that, it is truly hit or miss based on the weather. Occasionally we are able to get some pond raised crawfish from our contacts in California which can extend the season until mid to late August.

How can I place an order?

Simply give us a call or head to one of our convenient locations. Click the Contact Button on the top for directions.

Do you guarantee your orders?

Absolutely! We guarantee all of our seafood and meat products to be 100% fresh and for that very reason we guarantee all of our products.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. Please notify us by phone or email no less then 24 hours before your order is scheduled for pickup.

What is the recommended amount of crawfish per person?

Generally an average person can consume approximately 3 lbs per person but keep in mind each person is different.. Some can eat more and some can eat less but that should give you a general idea.

Is my crawfish order guaranteed?

Our ability to fill orders for live and boiled crawfish is all dependent on how the fishing goes. Well… is fishing. Sometimes the catch is good and other times it is bad. So, it is truly impossible for anyone to “guaranty” and order. However, it is very rare that we are unable to fill an order. If the catch is low or we experience an above average amount of dead loss, we will fill order based on when they were received; first come first served. If for some are unable to fill and order, one of our crew will call you the minute we know the catch is going to be short. Throughout the year, there are times when crawfish are harder to come by, so it is best to order EARLY. Some examples are the beginning of the season, Easter Weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th Weekend and the end of the season (Typically Early to Mid-July). The earlier you place your order, the better!

How big is a sack of crawfish?

Sacks of crawfish vary in weight. It all depends on how many of those tasty guys the farmer or fisherman decides to pack into a sack. The average sack weights around 34lbs-36lbs. However, the sacks can occasionally be as light as 25lbs and as heavy as 42lbs. If you are purchasing ‘By the sack” you can specify if you prefer a light or heavy sack. We cannot guaranty an exact weight but we can usually get within a pound or two.

What is dead loss?

Dead loss refers to the amount of crawfish that are dead on arrival or die during the days we keep them in inventory. When ordering live sacks of crawfish, you can always expect to have a few dead ones in the bag. Be sure cull your crawfish before cooking them. Eating dead crawfish can make for a very bad day! If you receive a sack and believe you have an excessive amount of dead loss (yes…in rare instances that can happen), give us a call. We will make it right!

What does culling mean?

Culling is a term that refers to separating the dead crawfish from the live. When purchasing a sack of crawfish, it is ALWAYS recommend that you “cull” or sort your crawfish. There are several ways of going about this. The preferred method is to rinse them off in a cooler or basket and then dump them, in small batches, on a folding table. If they are not moving, throw them out. The ones that are still kicking, get’em ready for the pot! Another method involves dumping your entire sack into a cooler full of water, enough so they are all under water. Give them several minutes to rejuvenate…or come back to life. After a period of time, the dead ones will begin to float to the top of the water. Simply scoop them out and throw them away. The first method is the best but in a pinch, this will certainly help and is safer than not culling at all.

Do you purge the crawfish?

No. We do not purge crawfish before they are picked up. Purging can take minutes or hours depending on the method and strength of the crawfish. Additionally, they must be cooked soon after or they will die. Because of the time involved and the life expectancy after purging, we leave that up to you.

Do I have to purge my crawfish?

No. That is totally up to you. During certain times of the year the crawfish are cleaner and other times, not so much. Take a good look at your bugs when you get them home and decide if you want to go through the process. It certainly would not hurt but is not a necessity.

Why are your Washed & Culled price higher?

When purchasing crawfish by the sack, you can always expect to have a few dead in there. This means you are going to lose a little weight and also time the time to wash and sort them yourself. As such, the sacks are priced lower. If you prefer to have your bugs ready to go straight into the pot (or your purging tank), we will take care of that for you. When ordering Washed & Culled, they will already be rinsed and sorted so when you pick them up, 100% of the crawfish are alive at delivery and ready to eat.

KEEP IN MIND…Washed & Culled are 100% alive when you receive them. If you leave them in the trunk of your car, sitting in the back of your pick-up truck while you are at work for several hours, sitting on your porch next to a curious Weimaraner or dump them in a cooler, close the lid and leave them in the sun while you are drinking beer on your boat, that is on you. It is best to cook them as soon as possible to avoid any dead loss. And, yes….all those examples really happened.