Louisiana Live Crawfish

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Jumbo and Selects Coming Soon!

Live Louisiana Crawfish. We deal with one of the largest crawfish suppliers in Louisiana. What we have to offer is the best available throughout the season. We offer standard field run by the sack or washed and culled to your specifications as well as sacks of selects and jumbos. The prices and availability vary throughout the season so please check back regularly for updates.



PLEASE NOTE: When ordering, indicate whether you are requesting CRAWFISH BY THE SACK OR BY THE POUND (washed & culled). Sacks vary in weight and can range from 28# to 41#. The average sack weight is 33# to 35#.

We will gladly sell crawfish by the pound or by the sack. The sack prices are less expensive. You will have to washed them and cull the dead. If ordering by the pound, regardless of the amount/weight, we will break the sacks, washed & cull the dead and repack them to your specifications.

GRADED CRAWFISH: If you are ordering Select crawfish or Jumbo crawfish, we only sell those BY THE SACK. We do not break sacks of graded crawfish. Graded sacks average 28# – 33# each. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FOR PRICING ON SELECTS OR JUMBOS.


Weight Price is Per Pound
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Less than a sack (Washed and Culled), Full sack Crawfish, 3 sacks or more Crawfish, Crawfish Selects, Jumbos

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